HVAC Marketing 5 Part Series: HVAC Marketing in 2017 and Beyond.

“Customer is King, only thing normal is change!”



*** February – SESSION 3 ***

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HVAC customers replace the Yellow Pages with Inbound Marketing

Whether you’re in the HVAC, insurance, medical or financial services industry, every business owner has the same expectation from their marketing, advertising and sales strategy.  How can you generate leads and minimize the cost per lead?  By utilizing technology, Inbound Marketing offers some unique opportunities to identify, nurture, measure and capture more qualified leads.  To be successful, you will need to change the way you market, advertise and promote your business by embracing and utilizing technology as a resource.


Which company had an effective and memorable promotional program with the positioning statement “Let your fingers do the walking”?  That’s right the Yellow Pages!  Advantages of the Yellow Pages:

  1. It was local, based on geography
  2. It allowed you to buy space based on your budget and
  3. It provided measurable results based on phone calls.



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5 Part Series: HVAC in 2017 and beyond. “Customer is King, only thing normal is change!”
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pic1Technology has changed the way you connect and communicate with prospects and customers.  The process of placing an advertisement in the Yellow Pages has been replaced with:

  • Your website.
  • A customer persona, the personal and demographic information shared by members of your customer base.
  • Keyword Insight Analysis (Content Marketing) to identify the keywords and phrases by city, county or ZIP code.
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) for creation and posting of original content on your website and in social posts.
  • Social Media Marketing to connect and communicate with the type of prospects that have an interest in your products/services.


Inbound marketing is about potential customers finding you when they are ready to buy or ready to begin the buying process.  To be successful you need your marketing to attract qualified prospects to your business with appealing content specifically designed to meet their needs rather than fighting for their attention with traditional advertising.


pic2The power of Inbound Marketing is that it provides your prospect with the relevant content they are looking for at the exact time and place that they need it, thereby building trust, reputation and confidence in your ability to satisfy their current and future needs while shortening the sales cycle and identifying better qualified prospects.


Business owners may consider Inbound Marketing complex, confusing and difficult to manage.  In some ways that may be correct, but in reality when utilized effectively, Inbound Marketing offers numerous benefits:


Inbound Marketing:

  1. Connects marketing and sales by providing relevant customer driven content.
  2. Provides a comprehensive strategy to link your website, SEO, social and paid media.
  3. Reduces the cost of identifying and capturing new prospects.
  4. Drives leads and increases conversions with highly targeted information.
  5. Increases visibility and brand awareness while solidifying your reputation as a credible source.
  6. Allows you to strategically distribute information based on what your prospects are searching for to meet their needs.


Traditional marketing that utilizes specialists for website, SEO, social media, pay-per-click, etc. is disappearing.  Inbound Marketing is creating a new generation of marketing leaders.  Individual that can combine account based marketing with a broad based strategy all in one place.  These new marketers are tech savvy with the right tools to listen, measure and analyze the customers’ digital signal and footprint.  They are timely and responsive while orchestrating and aligning programs based on the customer focus.  These multi-talented generalists can adapt to rapidly changing technology by building a team of specialists to comfortable handle creative, brand, design, product marketing and lead generation by combining art and science to produce seamless creative flow.


Contact Brand Management Labs with questions about how to build or integrate Inbound Marketing into your business growth strategy.


Look for Part 4 “Is PR Dead? Social Media and Video resonate with HVAC Customers” of our 5 part series, HVAC in 2017 & beyond, Customer is King, only thing normal is change!  This article will review the expanding role of social media.  Social Media is no longer “nice to have,” it’s become a main avenue for how companies find, communicate and retain clients.  For additional information about growing your HVAC dealer business, visit www.bmlabs.com/hvac-marketing, email gregg@bmlabs.com or call 888-300-4649.



Gregg Anderson is the owner of Brand Management Labs, a business development and brand management consulting company.  With over thirty (30) years of business turn-around experience, twenty (20) years of search engine/website and online business development, and a strong marketing, advertising and sales background, BML has helped a number of HVAC dealers grow their business. Visit www.bmlabs.com/hvac-marketing for more information.


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