Concierge Medical Practice


Website designer communication problem. Client frustrated about website designers slow passive approach to creating his online strategy. Designer was managing the website, hosting, SEO and social media program. Designer was looking to client to provide direction.


Client hired a website designer to create a new website. Designer assembled the content and optimized keywords provided by client. Client became disappointed about low website traffic, search engine rankings, and time associated with social media posting. End result, very little traction.


Brand Management Labs (BML) requested that client complete a client profile form to identify his company, customer and product/service profile. Upon review, BML performed a keyword insight analysis of his business by testing over 50,000 keywords and phrases associated with the client profile. Upon review and approval by client, BML optimized content targeting primary, secondary and tertiary keywords by geographic area (cities and communities) to lay the foundation for an inbound marketing strategy. DIBS also took over management of the social media program by selecting and posting content that utilized the same keywords/phrases to connect with target prospects.


Website Traffic Up 300%

In the first three months since implementation of the new SEM/SEO/Social media programs, website traffic has increased by 3X with 85.5% of the visitors being new to the brand. Daily social media posts are occurring that are adding 3 followers/day and 10+ clicks/day.

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Concierge Medical Practice