Water Removal & Remediation Business


Critical need to increase sales leads and market penetration. With a major focus on the commercial, medical and hospitality indurtries, client had expanded their business from Michigan to Florida and was having difficulty gaining sales traction in the Florida market.


Client’s business model required a B2B direct selling strategy. Client was attempting to integrate both Michigan and Florida under one business plan. Due to the different climates and the industry, market and client profiles, what had been their bread and butter in Michigan was not working in Florida.


Brand Management Labs (BLM) requested that client complete a client profile form to identify his company, customer and product/service profile. Upon review, BLM performed a keyword insight analysis of their business in both markets by testing over 1,000,000 keywords and phrases to identify primary customer driven search terms. Utilizing that information we optimized over 500 website pages and created a month email newsletter to capture and secure new prospects.


Website Traffic Up 3400%

Strategy improved website visit from 29 in January 2014 to over 1,000 by Dec with approx 60% of the traffic new to the brand. To say the least, leads and revenue significantly expanded.

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