Market Expansion


Expansion of an existing fixed location dry cleaner into a mobile door-to-door service. Client was looking to maximizing volume and revenue growth in an established, very competitive market.


Primarily industry sales are through fixed store locations. Coupons and discounts are the traditional dry cleaner industry sales drivers. Customer loyalty is minimal, typically changing dry cleaners based on the lowest price. Our client purchased a dry cleaner processing facility and was looking to increase volume by replacing fixed store locations with a fleet of vans going door-to-door with the expectation of maximizing return on investment.


Brand Management Labs (BLM) created a marketing plan that focused on professionals who were more concerned about their image rather than price. BML identified that dry cleaning was typically utilized to remove wrinkle not to clean. We also noted that specific segments of the population spent significantly more on dry cleaning than other, specifically young professions (21 – 35). We then proposed a customer relationship management (CRM) program that located these professions and established a sales call, phone call, mail, email and text strategy to connect and stay connected.


More Calls & Improved Efficiency

Sales organization could operate from a real-time central database to increase the number of calls per day with improved efficiency. This allowed client to maximize route efficiency and revenue.

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Case Study: Market expansion of an existing dry cleaning business