Launch a B2C Start-Up


New HVAC business start-up wanted to maximize growth in first 3 years. Client had a major investor providing financial backing to secure market position during a down housing market.


Client was looking to gain maximum utilization of their available funding to build their brand and maximize sales while minimizing operating overhead.


Brand Management Labs (BLM) evaluated the current available inventory of prospects by ZIP code in relation to the client location to minimize cost of goods sold and maximize the number of available service calls. Upon completion of a client profile sheet, BLM was able to select media outlets that maximized the number of touches per prospect within their target market. Next BML configured an inbound and outbound promotional campaign that allowed all aspects of their media program (print, sponsorships, radio, television, website and social media), to work as one with. All with performance measurements to maximize lead generation.


$0 to $4.6M in 3 Years

Revenue increased for zero to $4,600,000 in three years with a cost per lead down to $43. Industry average is between $163 and $300/leads. Also 10% of website visitors actually were making a phone call.

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Case Study: Launch a start-up new HVAC contractor business