Increase Market Penetration & Revenue


HVAC contractor looking to increase market penetration and revenue. Clients market penetration and revenue was gradually declining in lieu of spending approximately $100,000 on advertising per year.


A family owned business started in 1974; client traditional managed his own media and advertising placement. Technology was changing the way customers searched for and selected an HVAC service provider. The number of leads and revenue was declining due to a lack of new customers.


Brand Management Labs (BML) requested that client complete a client profile sheet. Included in the review was a summary of advertising and promotional activities over the last three years. Client had out sourced website development and search marketing and was directing his own content development. BML implemented a comprehensive inbound and outbound marketing strategy that pulsed the print advertising while connecting offers with online advertising and social media all focused on the target customer base. BML also directed a keyword insight analysis program to increase website traffic and client phone calls.


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In first three months, revenue increased 22% year to date over previous year while website impressions have increased from 637 to over 2,500 in the first 5 months with 97% of the visitors new to the brand. The number of client phone calls per month has also increased from 49 to 94 in the first 5 months.

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Increase Market Penetration & Revenue

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Case Study: HVAC contractor looking to increase market penetration and revenue